Execute your periodical physical inventories on the fly:
  • Upload your inventory and location lists in Excel or CSV format
  • Design the form
  • Use a mobile device with wireless network connection and barcode scanning for fast entry
  • Export data into CSV or Excel format


Customer surveys, visitor surveys, polls, all these can be done easily using the Acquee application suite:
  • Take your existing paper forms and input them into the Designer application
  • Use a modern mobile device with wireless network connection (WLAN, 3G, etc) to collect data
  • View the results entered in real time
  • Do a graphical analysis of the results
  • Export raw data for further processing

Customer Satisfaction

Give your customers a chance to rate your services and/or products:
  • Design a rating survey and mark it as publicly available
  • Cloak the survey URL under your domain, (e.g.
  • Publish this URL on your website, receipts, brochures, etc.
  • your customers can navigate to it using a desktop computer or a mobile device to submit their opinion
  • view comments and analyze ratings using the Designer application