Acquee 1.1 has been released with a few new exciting features:

  • public forms
  • desktop adjusted forms
  • tooltips
  • mobile list browse & full text search
  • compatibility mode

Let's take a look at the individual features freshly available in this release.

Public Forms

Any form can now be made accessible to:
  • the public, by simply sharing its URL
  • authenticated users only

Desktop Adjusted Forms

Forms now render nicely on desktop browsers as well, adjusting its width dynamically and centered horizontally. Now you can share your forms with mobile or desktop users.


The application is now friendlier with all major fields and settings displaying tooltips with explanations and instructions on how to use them.

Mobile List Browse & Full-Text Search

Uploaded lists can now be navigated in three different ways:
  • using auto-complete by key or name
  • paged view
  • full text search by any field of the list

This offers greater usability with really long lists, where manual entry is required.

Compatibility Mode

For use with older mobile phones, a compatibility mode has been introduced. Form designers can now choose HTML Only rendering which will not use any Javascript, making the form display properly on older phones (Samsungs, SonyEricssons, practically any phone sold within the last few years).

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