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We want everyone to enjoy Acquee and be able to improve their internal processes or communications with their customers so we lowered and simplified prices!

Here's a short overview:

  • Professional edition with 500 monthly submits from 19 EUR/month
  • Enterprise edition with unlimited submits from 69 EUR/month
  • a pack of 50 short text messages (SMS) at a price of 4 EUR

More details on pricing found here.

Let's go shopping!

Holiday season is here and we have a present for you. A new release of Acquee 1.5 is available with loads of cool new features:
  • Android App
    • offline functionality
    • multimedia capture
    • free
  • Email notifications - receive an email with a summary of each submitted response
  • SMS/email distributions - Send out emails or text messages to users or participants of your forms and surveys
  • Tracking of individual responses - using tokens, track individual responses of each user
  • A demo form within each account - get started quicker after signing up!
  • More advanced geolocation tracking with Google Maps view - where did the responses come ...

Here at Acquee we're always making sure that your data is always available and always secure. We are proud to announce that our uptime within the last 12 months has been 99.99%!

Within the last year we have also made SSL encrypted access available in order to protect your accounts. Finally, an additional backup mechanism assures that our data center is fully recoverable at any point in case of a failure.

Your data is safe with us and always at your disposal!
Acquee team

Being a web application, Acquee has always been designed to work on all mobile devices available today.

However, we wanted to optimize the mobile user interface further in order to make the best use of the iPad device. The iPad first deemed mostly as a consumer entertainment device, has been gaining business momentum for a while now (see more articles below). We have experienced that the iPad and similar tablet devices have proven as perfect surveying and field data collection devices. A few important properties work in its favour:

  • flawless and very responsive user interface
  • state of the art web ...

Acquee Mobile Forms, Surveys and Polls are now available to all Google Apps users through the Google Marketplace.

Additionally, anyone with a Google Account can now easily sign into our application using their existing Google Account, without the need for a Sign Up.

We hope the users welcome and enjoy this new usability improvement.