Being a web application, Acquee has always been designed to work on all mobile devices available today.

However, we wanted to optimize the mobile user interface further in order to make the best use of the iPad device. The iPad first deemed mostly as a consumer entertainment device, has been gaining business momentum for a while now (see more articles below). We have experienced that the iPad and similar tablet devices have proven as perfect surveying and field data collection devices. A few important properties work in its favour:

  • flawless and very responsive user interface
  • state of the art web browser
  • enterprise connectivity(profiles, Cisco VPN support)
  • long battery life sufficient for a full working day
  • portability
  • efficient data entry (great touch screen keyboard, dropdown selection, etc)

Here are a few screenshots of some of the main features of Acquee on an iPad.
Home screen of an authenticated mobile user with HTML5 geolocation that the iPad supports.An example of a demo form with various field types Acquee offers.An example of an autocomplete field that makes data entry really easy on an iPad.

Give the Acquee + iPad combination a spin and you will be impressed at how efficient mobile data collection can be!



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